YellowBridge motors on with Toowoomba Toyota

YellowBridge motors on with Toowoomba Toyota

YellowBridge QLD has new-look wheels thanks to its ongoing partnership with a Toowoomba car dealership.

Toowoomba Toyota re-signed as the Exclusive Vehicle Sponsor of the community organisation for the next 12 months.

The partnership began in 2016 and provides YellowBridge QLD with a sedan and 8-seater van that it uses for its disability support program.

“We are extremely grateful to Toowoomba Toyota for their ongoing support as our exclusive vehicle sponsor,” YellowBridge QLD chief executive officer Penny Hamilton said.

“Our clients love the van and it has become invaluable to our disability service and how we can support our clients in the community.”

The sedan is updated to a new model each year. Toowoomba Toyota surprised them with their new vehicle today – a Camry Ascent Sports.

“It’s the first time I’ve been in a Camry Ascent Sports. It is very stylish and we’re very appreciative of Toowoomba Toyota’s amazing support for our organisation,” Ms Hamilton said.

Principal Brett Motton said Toowoomba Toyota was pleased to re-sign its partnership with YellowBridge.

“We take our business and social responsibilities very seriously and supporting the local community through partnerships like this one is important to us,” Mr Motton said.

“Supporting others is part of our business DNA and it is our way of showing our gratitude to the local community for their ongoing support of Toowoomba Toyota.”