Many people prefer to stay independent in their own home, close to the people and places they know and trust. We offer a range of different home services to help you do that.
Home Care Packages

YellowBridge is an approved provider of Home Care Packages. You can choose from our extensive range of home care services that are designed to meet your needs.


We provide you with a dedicated case manager who will help you identify your goals and develop a budget so you get the best value from your Home Care Package.

Home security (Home Assist Secure)
We know how important it is to feel safe in your own home. So if it locks, bolts, screens or glows then our Home Assist Secure program may be right for you.
We install, repair and maintain a range of security devices around your home to give you peace of mind.
Yard maintenance
Our yard maintenance team will make sure your yard is looking its best. We will mow your lawn and trim the edges so everything is neat and tidy all year round.
During Winter, we offer an expanded yard service that includes hedge trimming, mulching, weed spraying, rubbish removal and general garden tidy up.
So next time your yard needs attention, don’t tackle it yourself, let us help you.
Home modifications
As your needs change, it might be necessary to make a few adjustments around your home so you are safe and comfortable and can remain living independently.
We can arrange minor and major modifications to your home. It could be something small like the installation of a grab rail, handheld shower hose or handrail. Or, it might be a larger job like a remodelled bathroom or a wheelchair ramp.
An occupational therapist will work with you to understand your needs and recommend suitable changes around your home. We will then arrange the right tradespeople to get the job done.