Matty shines with paid job

Matty shines with paid job

Matty Ollier, 27, loves going to work more than most people.

He has not missed a day since he pulled on his black and red uniform and arrived for his first shift at Toowoomba Toyota.

Landing his first paid job was no small feat for Matty who lives with Downs Syndrome but always wanted to earn his own money.

His disability support provider, YellowBridge QLD, wanted to help and introduced him to Brett Motton, Dealer Principal at Toowoomba Toyota.

“We have enjoyed working with YellowBridge QLD over a number of years and supporting their disability initiatives,” Mr Motton said.

“We have often spoken about the employment challenges facing people with a disability and what businesses can do to be more inclusive,” he said.

“We wanted to recruit a new team member in our car detailing workshop and decided it was a good opportunity to consider how we could make the role suitable for a person with a disability.

“Matty has been amazing from day one. He wears his uniform with pride, works hard, tries his best and has a terrific attitude.”

Matty joined the company’s car detailing team and has proudly chalked up six months on staff with exemplary attendance.

“He gets on with his work mates really well and I’m proud of how they have made him feel part of the team and help him to learn and develop his skills,” Mr Motton said.

“We have a high standard of work in our car detailing workshop and Matty has demonstrated he has the patience and attention-to-detail that is required.”

YellowBridge QLD’s General Manager Disability Support Jodie Collins said Matty’s experience had boosted his confidence and self-esteem and he loved going to work.

“The benefits of paid, meaningful employment are enormous for all people, including those with a disability,” Mrs Collins said.

“He is still our quiet and humble Matty but you know his heart is swelling with pride when he tells you about his job and what he’s learning,” she said.

“It is our hope that more employers follow Toowoomba Toyota’s lead and open their workplaces to people of different abilities wherever it is possible.”

“Everyone in society benefits when more people are engaged and included in the work force.”

Matty Ollier (front) with Toowoomba Toyota Dealer Principal Brett Motton, Paul Barnes, YellowBridge QLD CEO Penny Hamilton, Wayne Bowden, Michael Gant and Alan Smith.