Kevin Walsh

B. 1951

I’ve lived in Toowoomba all my life. My dad was a flight engineer during the war. I obtained my private pilot’s licence, which came in handy during my own engineering career. I studied mechanical engineering at the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education (now University of Southern Queensland) and became the chief mechanical engineer at the State Wheat Board. I was able to use my pilot’s licence to fly to all the places we were building silos rather than spend hours in a car. During this time, I worked in China for a little while, designing a grain depot there. I’ve been to the Philippines, Japan and the United States during my career. I’ve been really lucky with the places my work has taken me. After the Wheat Board, I started my own engineering consultancy. My son became an engineer too and works in the business with me. I’ve always loved horses and would ride them at my Aunty and Uncle’s place on the school holidays when I was a kid. When I left school, I got a bit more serious and I ended up becoming State President of Pony Club Queensland for a while. I’m still a judge and course builder for pony club show jumping and am a Life Member of the West Toowoomba Pony Club and Pony Club Queensland. Last year, I was the team manager for an Australian Pony Club team that went to China, which was a great experience. My kids have all had horses. I don’t have any horses at home anymore, but my granddaughter is doing really well with her horse. My family is my biggest achievement – having children, grandchildren and now two great grandchildren. I’ve lived through the good times and I’ve been lucky. I’ve always had a job, we worked hard and we had to save and fortunately I never had to endure any real hardships. I’m trying to semi-retire but it’s not that easy when you run your own business. When I’m not at the office I’m still helping out with pony club or working on my car. I’m working on a 1930 Ford Tudor and making it into a Hot Rod. I hope it will be ready to drive by the end of the year. It will be air-conditioned and very comfortable when it’s finished.

Kevin is a St Mary’s Old Boy (1960-1968)

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