Michael Lagu has recently returned from Uganda where he built a hut for his Aunty and her family.

Michael lives in Australia with his young family and has worked in the yard maintenance team at YellowBridge QLD for the past five years.

His YellowBridge colleagues and partners dug deep to raise money to help Michael buy materials for the hut.

Together they raised more than $600 which was used to buy poles, bamboo, tie ups, 25 bundles of grass, a sheet of iron for the door and labour to dig the holes.

When Michael arrived in Uganda his Aunt was ill in hospital but she recovered in time to see her hut near completion.

Wet weather hampered the project and Michael had to return home before it could be completed. Fortunately, Michael’s cousins were able to make the finishing touches and the grass roof is currently being installed.

Michael was very grateful for everyone’s generous donations and humbled by the support.

Photo top: Michael’s accepts a donation from Mikey
Photo below: The hut under construction
Photo middle: Michael’s aunts
Photo bottom: Church that Michael attended while in Uganda

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